Adding users to Configuration Manager 2007 with specific Class Permissions via VBScript

The Configuration Manager 2007 SDK, has a lot of missing examples and parts that are not well documented. One of them is the part about User permissions and how to add them. During the development of the install script for our HTA solution, I had to create a HTA user, with special permissions for the different classes on the site server. I create function called "SetConfigMgrPermission" for this specific purpose. It is actually a quite simple function. I requires: Connection: this is a standard configmgr connection, created by the connect function from the SDK. The downloadable script contains [...]

Links and notes from MOC 6451 and introduction to App-V (Norway)

SCCM Right Click Tools System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Toolkit v2 SMS Client Center Creating Configuration Manager Reports Part 1: Part 2: Creating Custom Reports by Using Configuration Manager 2007 SQL Views Read the blog at for information about System Center, deployment and scripting Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Dashboard Download it from here: Read about it here: See how to install it here: Configuration Manager 2007 driver management Frequently Asked Questions about Active Directory Domains and Forests with Configuration Manager 2007 Application Virtualization Whitepapers [...]

Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 SP1 revision issue

A new SP1 revision was released earlier this week to address some minor installation issues. There is a detection problem with this new revision that can cause the Service Pack to be installed on computers that already do have SP1 installed. Be sure to check the orignal post from the WSUS product team In Configmgr. the old SP1 version is automatically being expired thus you are forced to download and deploy the new revision.

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Configuration Manager 2012 Prestage content on Distribution Points

Highly inspired by this blog post I started to do me own prestage content testing. Prestaging has long been one of the main reasons (along with bandwidth control) for implementing a secondary site in Configuration Manager 2007. In configuration Manager 2012 both features has now been added to the distribution point. This more or less eliminates the need for a secondary site.    Prestaging is a process that involves the distribution point, the package and a Commandline tool. Open the Distribution Point properties and select Enable this distribution point for prestaged content on the General tab. Now, navigate to the [...]

VBScript: Cleanup all computer objects for local PC

When we are deploying OS via ConfigMgr, we usually do a cleanup of all old objects before creating the new object. This helps prevent errors and mistakes, and is pretty easy to do. We are able to use both SMBOIS GUID and Mac addresses for the cleanup. usually I recommend using mac addresses, since I have experienced that laptops who have had their mainboard exchanged, have the BIOS GUID of "0000-00000-0000-0000", this happens because the repair shop forgets to write in the GUID after the repair. The mac addresses are always usable , since they are not typed [...]

Exchange and Activesync: Limiting the mailbox to sync with only one device

Just came back from a customer which needed to limit the number of mobile device to one per mailbox. For this implementation the customer used all kind of smart phones, so the challange was also to find the unique Device ID from the Smartphone and add it to a Active Directory Attribute called: msExchMobileAllowedDeviceIDs. I created a Powershell script which read a text file and add the ID to AD. The script is also adding a dummy ID for all other mailboxes. It could also be disabled but the customer was more satisfied with the error from a wrong device [...]

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SCCM Admins guide to preparing your environment for Bitlocker Drive Encryption – part 2

In part 1, I talked about the requirements for Bitlocker and showed you how to extend your Active Directory Schema if you run Windows Server 2003 SP1/SP2 Windows Server 2003 R2 domain controllers. We then sat the permission so that a Windows 7 machine was able to write its own TPM owner password to Active Directory. Today I am going to walk you through how to configure the Group Policy settings for Bitlocker which is required, in order to enable the backup of the Bitlocker recovery password and the TPM owner password, to Active Directory. You will need either a [...]

First look at Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 Beta

FEP 2012 beta has just been released earlier today for public download. I have just installed the product in my Configuration Manager 2012 Beta 2 test lab, here are my first notes. The installation requirements are the same as FEP 2010, so I will skip that part. The FEP client First look at the FEP client, tells me it’s still the same. Version is FEP 2010 and the client version number is still 2.0.657.0 Administrator console changes In the Configuration Manager 2012 console, you will changes different workspaces. In the Monitoring workspace you will find the FEP dashboard. In the [...]

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New Configuration Manager Client hotfix KB2509007–fixes issue with updates stops responding in a Task Sequence

As the title reveals “Task sequence that installs many updates stops responding on a System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 client” this hotfix is a nice one to have installed. The installation is a client hotfix and requires that you deploy the MSP file to the client during the OSD process. The hotfix will also update the client version, which might require you to update the existing client installation scripts. Installing the hotfix on the site server Open a command prompt and start the installation.   The installation will prompt to create a new client patch package. Click Yes and start [...]

Boundary groups in Configuration Manager 2012

One of the first changes you will notice when deploying client in Configuration Manager 2012, is the need for boundary groups. A boundary group is basically a group of individual boundaries grouped toghether for one or two purposes.  Site assignment, used to control which sites clients are assigned to. Content lookup, used to control which distribution points will used by the client. Boundaries themself do not have any value, they are not associated with neither content lookup nor site assignment. A good example, is using client push without any boundary groups. As you can see in the summary, I have [...]

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SCCM Admins guide to preparing your environment for Bitlocker Drive Encryption – part 1

If you use Configuration Manager 2007 it is pretty simple to enable Bitlocker as part of your OS deployment. But you still need prepare your environment for Bitlocker and this is done external of Configuration Manager 2007. This guide is meant for SCCM admins wanting to enable Bitlocker and will guide you through the process step-by-step. This post is the first in a 3 part series describing how you prepare your environment for Bitlocker Drive Encryption. We will look at the requirement for Bitlocker and how you extend your Active Directory Schema if you run Windows Server 2003 SP1/SP2 Windows [...]

New Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 Beta 2 training

I’m thrilled to announce my new Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 beta 2 training. The two first classes are already scheduled and ready to run. Stockholm, Sweden May 30 – June 1, detailed information and to sign up Long Beach, California, June 6 – June 8, detailed information and to sign up In this class I will walk you thru these topics: Installing and configuring the site hierarchy Migrating from Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Installing and maintaining clients Working with the Application model and User Centric Management Software updates Settings Management SQL Reporting Services Inventory Management Look forward to see you [...]

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The Ultimate ConfigMgr 2012 and MDT 2012 training

Do you want to get a head start to the new Configuration Manager 2012 and MDT 2012 products? If so, join me as I together with one of the best deployment gurus on the planet (Johan Arwidmark, MVP Setup & Deployment) will walk you thru the new and cool features in the upcoming releases. The first classes are already scheduled, sign up and view more detailed information. The training will take you thru: The installation and configuration of a Configuration Manager 2012 hierarchy Migration from Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 The installation of clients The new application model and User Centric [...]

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Updating the package source in Configuration Manager 2007

In my “Migrating from Configuration 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012” session at the System Center User Group meeting in Copenhagen last Friday, I demonstrated a tool to automatically update the package source in Configuration Manager 2007. As promised, this tool is now available for download. The background for the tool As we start migrating from CM2007 to CM2012 one of the requirements is that the package source used for packages must be a UNC. I have seen many site installations where the package source is either a local source on the site server or a UNC pointing to the site [...]

Bring the “Wow factor” into Configuration Manager 2012

Not only is Configuration Manager becoming extremely sexy with all the User Centric Management, new Application model etc. But with the integration of Bing maps we now officially also have the “Wow factor”. In my lab I have two sites, a CAS and a Primary site. The CAS is placed in Copenhagen, Denmark and the primary is placed in Bruxessels, Belgium. In the Configuration Manager 2012 console, open the Monitoring workspace and select Site Hierarchy. Use the Ribbon (Luke) and select Settings on the Home tab. Select Site Location and type the City names, click OK when done. Click Geographical [...]

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Coretech Package Source Changer Beta

This is the post that describes the tool and configuration. Please view  this guide by my colleague Kent Agerlunds, on how to use it in a ConfigMgr Migration 1. Introduction   As we start migrating from CM2007 to CM2012 one of the requirements is that the package source used for packages must be a UNC. I have seen many site installations where the package source is either a local source on the site server or a UNC pointing to the site server. In either case, you must somehow update the package source before starting the migration. This utility [...]