Downloading Configuration Manager 2012 prerequisites

If you like I have a demo environment with no Internet connection then you are also required to download the Configuration Manager 2012 prerequisites file prior to starting the installation.   Open a command prompt with administrative permissions Navigate to .\Configuration Manager 2012 Install source\smssetup\bin\X64 Run SetupDL.exe target dir (in my example SetupDL.exe D:\CM2012DL The total download size is 192 mb. and the total number of files is 14 with SQL Express and .Net Framework 4.0 being the largest files.  

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Coretech SCCM Manager 1.0.4 – Freeware Download

This week a customer contacted us, claiming that the tool did not work on sundays! I thought that was pretty strange, so I asked for log file/event log messages, and it was true. It did fail! It was even “Kernelbase.dll” or “kernel32.dll” that was throwing the exception! I tested it on our test environment, and got the same errors.! I turned out to be an old Visual Basic function, that is used to retrieve the name of the current day, that was failing on sundays. This new version has an updated logfile writer, which writes the correct format [...]

Outlook 2010: Auto Export Body of new e-mails

This macro is made for a opsmgr management pack, soon to be published on this blog. It is written in VBA in outlook 2010 (could work in other version too, but it is not tested). It shows how to create a macro function, that is usable in a rule. 1. Enable Developer Ribbon to be able to create scripts 2. Open visual Basic 3. Select “ThisOutlookSession” 4. Type/ this Sub into Visual Basic. Changed the strExportPath to the folder you want to use. [crayon-5d079e70751af114136732/] 5. Create rule in outlook 6. Select the coditions you want. Or none to process all [...]

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First look at System Center Update Publisher 2011

  Here at MMS 2001 day 1, I have had the pleasure of attending two great SCUP 2011 session. From my test drive I have made my personal top list of new and improved features. 1. Performance a. The application has undergone a major improvement when it comes to performance. Where it could take 10-15 minutes to load some of the larger catalogs in SCUP 4.5 the same process today takes less than a minute.   2. New UI a. The admin UI has moved away from the MMC (big applause) and is now built to look like the other [...]

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Changing Alert Resolution State automatically

If you need to change the Resolution State when a new Alert appears, or change the status of an alert from a specific source or a given period of time, it could be done with a script. The script will be called by creating a Notification. Often you specify a SMTP, SMS or IM as a Channel but lets instead call a script – In this sample I will use a Powershell script to change new alerts Resolution state to the “Print Guys”. Lets start with creating a Command Notification Channel - Give it a name like this one: Start [...]

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Personal notes nr.1 – USMT 4.0 with multiple partitions

So to remember all the small stuff/solutions I encounter during my work day, I decided to create a series of short post, as kind of reminder to myself on small tips and tricks , as swell as solutions to basic problems.  I figure that instead of writing this stuff down in a word doc, I might as well share it ( so don’t be surprised if some of the things seams almost to simple )   Today I ran into problems doing hardlink USMT 4.0 on some machines having tree partitions, (one of them being the BDE 300 MB Partition). [...]

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Complete SCUP 4.5 Guide

System Center Custom Updates Publisher is a freeware tool from Microsoft that can assist you in authoring and publishing 3rd. party updates to Configuration Manager. To get you started you can download the complete SCUP 4.5 installation and configuration guide In my guide I have references to two files used to deploy the needed certificates. Those are: Certutil.exe and certadm.dll, both files are part of the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack.   If you are attending MMS 2011 don’t forget to stop by one of the SCUP labs, BOF or breakout sessions - BA18 Introduction to System Center Updates [...]

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