Add AD user accounts to the SBS Console

When you create AD user accounts through Active Directory Users and Computers, they don’t appear in the SBS Console. And therefore it is not possible to manage them from the Console. Run this VB script to add user accounts to the SBS console. Be sure to define the OU location for your users before running the script. The script don't add disabled accounts. [crayon-5d07c09973692881678801/] Thanks to Jakob for providing me the code samples.

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Install the Configuration Manager administrator console

Recently I had to prepare a “Configuration Manager Servicedesk kit”. In the kit I added the Configuration Manager console and Client Center. The installation had a few challanges: Creating and specifying Setup.ini during the installation Installing the correct version of Client Center - X64 or X86 – depending on the architecture. To solve the challenge I created a Task Sequence with these steps Use Toolkit package Gather Run Command "%_SMSTSOOO00127%\bin\i386\setup.exe" /Script "%_SMSTSOOO00127%\Setup.ini" (where OOO00127 is the packge id). Make sure you have created a package with the Configmgr. source files and that package is selected in the TS Install software, [...]

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Getting a Hardcopy of the TS progress report.

  I guess everyone uses the report showing how fare along a Task Sequence actually is, or if one of the steps has failed. But sometimes this report disappears after the TS finishes, so wouldn’t it be nice to always have it available afterword to see it one or more steps have failed, or to evaluate if an option acts like expected.. Well with a little help from one of my collages (Claus Codam) I created this routine to have that available, in by LOGS folder, and here is how. 1. Create a new user to use for reporting (in [...]

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Making file copy easy.

I often run into questions concerning simple file copy during a SCCM/MDT Task Sequence.  There are many ways to accomplish this, but it seams most people wind up using the good old XCOPY command, and in general there is nothing wrong with that. When copying from a DP though, you might run into problems when copying all files and folders in the root on your source, as that points to the root of X:\windows and not the root of the package specified.. Well to work around any issues I created a small VBS script, that takes care of the copying [...]

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Specific updates installed

A common question in the forums is “How can I see who has this specific update installed”. One easy way to check that is by creating a DCM rule. Create a new DCM Baseline Click Theese software Updates must be present Select the needed updates and click OK Fiinish the wizard and assign the baseline to collection If you want to create a collection based on the non-compliant computers, check this blog post -

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