WDS Service stopping after system restart

I had a problem with my PSP (PXE Service Point) on a Windows 2008 R2 box. Every time I restarted the server the service wouldn’t start (Which is not good). The error only happens when I add the PXE Service Point role in the Configuration Manager console, without the role my WDS service is starting like a charm. The errors in the event viewer First error An error occurred while trying to initialize provider SMSPXE loaded from C:\Windows\SysWOW64\CCM\x64\smspxe.dll. If the provider is marked as critical the Windows Deployment Services server will be shutdown. Error Information: 0x4005 Source: WDSPXE Second Error [...]

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Integrate 3rd. party updates with Configuration Manager and Shavlik SCUPdates Part II

In this post I will explain how you can integrate SCUPdates from Shavlik from A to Z. I’ll focus the post on these topics. Installation of the product Richness of the update catalog Configuration Manager integration Approving Updates Deploying Updates Reporting How to get started Installation of the product SCUPdates requires that you have installed and configured Microsoft System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP). In my test lab I already use SCUP to monitor and deploy updates from different hardware vendors like HP and Dell. For those of you who hasn’t yet played with SCUP I strongly advise you to have [...]

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Coretech SCCM Manager – Freeware Download

New Version out! 1.0.4! Get it here: https://blog.ctglobalservices.com/?p=2852 Since we found a minor bug in the 1.0.3 version, we have decided to release version This has fixed the bug that cause distribution points that did have “-“ in the name, not to show up in the list of DPs. We are still working on a newer version, but can not give any info about when it will be released, since we don’t know. Changelog / What’s New 1.0.3 -> Fixed bug that caused DP’s that had “-“ in their name, not to show up in the list. 1.0 RC1 [...]