Integrate 3rd. party software update with Configuration Manager 2007 and Secunia Part I

In the following weeks I will blog about the some of the different 3rd. party software update solution we can integrate with Configuration Manager. I will focus my articles on: Installation of the product Richness of the update catalog Configuration Manager integration Approving Updates Deploying Updates Reporting How to get started First I will test drive Secunia, a world-leading provider of Vulnerability Intelligence. Secunia has been around since 2002 and is most known for its award winning product CSI - Corporate Software Inspector. The installation Secunia requires a few components that are all easy to install and configure: The CSI [...]

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Serializing System.Net.IPAddress to XML

  Working on a project today, i needed to serialize one of my classes that included at System.Net.IPAddress property. Problem problem is that IPAddress does not support XML Serialization since it does not implement a parameterless constructor! I tried to search the net, but couldnt find a complete guide, therefore i am posting this, hoping to help others in the same situation! My solution is to serialize the IPAddresses as a string, and later parse them top ip adresses again. [crayon-5d07c572d9d5d824907428/]   As you can see above i have used the IXmlSerialization interface, to define my custom serialization and deserialization [...]

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Using TS variables when running a script under a different account.

One of the features available when running a Task Sequence in Config Mgr R2, is to run a command line as a different user, which can comes in handy in a number of scenarios. There is however a small but important thing to be aware of. When using this step to run a script, you will notice that you cannot use any of the “task sequence variables”, as they are not passed through to script. So if you need to use any of the TS variables in your scripts you will have to pass them to the script as arguments [...]