Hide software update notifications

When configuring software updates with ConfigMgr. one of the challenges that I run into the most; is hiding software update notifications from some clients while allowing a full notification on other computers. You can solve this challenge in two different ways. Hide all software update deployments and create a package that will display notifications on some clients Allow software update notifications and create a package that will remove the notification on some clients. Configure the Software Update Client Agent In this example I will allow software updates notifications on the agent.  Then i will create a package that removes the [...]

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Problem finding the Win7 Time Zone names!

Remember In the good old Windows XP days, when the Time Zone you used when creating your Sysprep.inf/Unattend.txt was just a number you could look up in a Microsoft table (and properly also remember) Well those days are almost gone and now you will have to use Time Zone ID which is a Name rather than a number, so the Danish time zone that used to be 105, is now Romance Standard Time… So the question then is, where do i get a hold of those names?? The answer is simple…TZUTIL which is an embedded windows 7 command line tool. [...]

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Using the archive_reports.sms file to monitor inventory data

As you might know SMS/Configmgr; has some secret files that can change the way agents behave. One of the files is called archive_reports.sms. When you add this file to the inventory temp folder (\system32\ccm\inventory\temp\) it will prevent the inventory xml files from being deleted after they are send to the management point. This can be very useful when you want to track the size of each inventory file. In my screen dump you can see several xml file. I use this feature to spot the change in file size whenever I enable new classes in my sms_def.mof file (AI classes, [...]

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The annoyance of none elevated command prompts.

You know how when ever you run something from a prompt in Windows 7 or Server2008 you need to remember to elevate the privileges, or you will get the annoying message that you do not have administrative privileges, which then means you will have to open a new prompt, run it as administrator,  and do things all over again.. (especially annoying when working with WAIK) Well I know that you could just disable UAC all together, but that's not what Microsoft intended when they put it there! and it would also mean a huge decrease in security. So what to [...]

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