Great!! – A new Operations Manager Course

A new 3 days Operations Manager (or Scom) course (# 50216)  is showing up around August - I think the first course will be around the beginning october - Please email me kra[@] regarding participating on this Course. Kurset vil naturligvis blive tilbudt gennem vores samarbejdspartnere, Teknologisk, Global Knowledge og Microworld. God sommer - Kåre Course Outline How the 'internals' of Operations Manager work and how to troubleshoot * Architecture * Operations Manager "Health Engine" * Troubleshooting * Troubleshooting discoveries and monitors * Troubleshooting health state changes * Troubleshooting the Operations Manager agent This module will explain management pack architecture and how to author a management pack * Architecture * OpsMgr Console vs Authoring console [...]

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Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Beta changes

We all know that support is added for the latest operating systems: Windows 7 Windows Vista Sp2 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008 SP2 After some testing of the servicepack yesterday I discovered a few other very nice changes like policies being applied straight away (in the “old days” Config mgr SP1 and previous versions) policies were retrieved from the Management Point and were not effective until after 2 minutes. Some policies are now applied immediately like software policies and policies for Service Windows.  I might not be the biggest of all changes but it now allows to deliver [...]

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Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Beta released

The System Center Configuration Manager team would like to announce that the following has been released and available for download: Configuration Manager 2007 Service Pack 2 Beta This is the official Beta build for Configuration Manager 2007 SP2. New features: Refer to the SP2 Overview article posted on the primary Configuration Manager MSConnect site for all the new features and new supported configurations Hotfixes included in SP2 article can be found on the primary Configuration Manager MSConnect page. Deployment guides for BranchCache and the new AMT features are available in the download section. . The new OpsMgr07 R2 ConfigMgr07 Management [...]

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List of hotfixes in Confiugation Manager 2007 (updated)

  Add Windows Windows 2008 SP2 and Vista SP2 support (Thanks to Jens-Ole for posting these): Configuration Manager 2007 RTM Hotfix Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 Hotfix   954214 The SMS_Site_Component_Manager service stops unexpectedly when you try to install Configuration Manager 2007 Service Pack 1 or reinstall a specific component after an unsuccessful installation attempt 954474 System Center Configuration Manager 2007 blocked from deploying security updates 954716 The SMS_EXECUTIVE service of System Center Configuration Manager 2007 on a child site server may crash when it handles the .sha file and sends inventory data to its parent site 954718 You [...]

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Ups I deleted 1.000 computers in Config. Mgr console

Accindently deleting computer objects in the Config Mgr. console has happened in the past and it will most likely happen again in the future. This post will hopefully help you understand what’s going on in the background and how Configuration Manager recovers the deleted objects. Components involved On the site server the data loader component is responsible for loading inventory data (and other stuff) into the SQL database. The log file used is Dataldr.log On the client you should pay attention to the Inventory Agent which is responsible for gathering inventory data. The log file used is InventoryAgent.log What happens [...]

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Try out Windows 7 without messing up your XP/VISTA installation

I just love Windows 7 RC… It runs much better than VISTA, and has lots of super nice features.  (Get it here ) One of these features is the ability to boot from a VHD, which actually means that I can run Win7 on my laptop, without having to reinstall my existing OS, mess around with partitioning or having to install some boot manager in order to run it a dual boot environment.  So what does this mean exactly!! Well for me it means that I can still have my Vista installed PC where I know my Microsoft training [...]

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