Configuration Manager Version 5

At MMS 2009 the next version of Configuration Manager was shown to public for the first time. Here is the list of news and  improved features to look for: Name The name is not yet made public. If you are searching for any other news about the version try using Config Mgr. Next which is the “name” used during public presentations at MMS Performance No more MMC console I repeat NO MORE MMC CONSOLE yes I wrote that with capitals As a result to the removed MMC console no more F5 for refresh :-) Only a 64 bit version will [...]

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Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 features

While we are waiting for the next Config Mgr. service pack here are some facts: Will be released 90 days after Windows 7 New Operating System Support Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008 SP2 Windows Vista SP2 New and improved features Out of band management Intel Active Management Technology Integration - Version 2 Wireless Management: Wireless Profile Management (mobile ONLY) End Point Access Control: 802.1x support Persistent Data Storage: Non Volatile Memory or Third Party Data Store (3PDS) Access Monitor: Audit Log Remote Power Management: Power State Configuration Asset Intelligence Open for all not only for SA [...]

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MMS 2009 – Day 3 Wednesday

I am starting to grow old :-( woke up this morning with pain in my legs from the last few days of running. So no running this morning, instead I was spend the morning rearranging my schedule for today. My problem is that I have so many sessions I want to see and only so little time. The opening keynote by Brad Anderson was a great mix between new announcements, demos and a look into the future. One of the new interesting members of the System Center family is System Center Online Desktop Manager. I haven’t a short name for [...]

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Coretech Auto Install Warning – Freeware

DOWNLOAD REMOVED! Update: New version out. please look at : When we are deploying application to the user's computers, we sometimes want to warn them about what is happening. This is to prevent any complains about etc. "My Computer is slow", "Do i have Virus?" or similar complains that might occur when the computer slows down while installing. Therefore i have created this small utility. It can show a message, with a countdown, that all. This can be used in etc. Config Mgr Setups. for a guide of how to use it please read: Requirements: Windows XP / [...]

MMS 2009 – First public look at the next Config Mgr. version

Wauw is the word that first comes to my mind when I think of the next version of Config Mgr. Today at the State of the Union session – brilliant as always – the next version of Config Mgr. was revealed to the public for the first time. The version doesn’t yet have a name (at least not a public name). So we refer to it as Config Mgr. .Next or CM .Next From the short demo I have made my own personal top 6 list of new cool features and improvements. Performance No more MMC console I repeat NO MORE [...]

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MMS 2009 – Day 1, Monday

Been up really early due to a 9 hours time zone change. Full with energy I started the day with a short run on the Strip. After Breakfast I went to the registration got my badge, a fancy new bag with a lot of “goodies” in it. For me Monday was SQL day. First session on performance tips and tricks then two sessions with SQL Reporting Services in available with Config Mgr. R2. Based on the information from the session I have made my top 5 list of reasons why you should migrate your reports to SRS: Performance Report caching [...]

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Coretech SCCM Manager 1.0.3 – Freeware Download

New version is out! . We're back with a new version of Coretech Application Creator! We have decided to change the name of the application, since the old name did not fit with all the features available. Changelog / What’s New 1.0 RC1 -> 1.0.3 Application has a new name, the old name did not cover the features, and future plans for the application. Configuration wizard is shown the first time the program is run, to help setup the basic settings. Changed collection structure, which means that no specific collection names are needed, only a user-defined “root collection” is [...]

MMS 2009 – Trying to keep up with my schedule

I am prepared for this year main event – Microsoft Management Summit 2009 in Las Vegas. The event is not as big as Teched but still; in order to survive you need to be well prepared. I have filled out my schedule, checked out the various “after parties” and made arrangements to catch up with “soulmates” that I haven’t seen since MMS 2008. This is in essence what makes MMS such a special event. The conference offers a great chance to mix technical learning along with socializing with interesting people from various System Center communities. Well; I am prepared and [...]

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Running a custom notification before installing a program with Configuration Manager

One question that is seen again and again in the news forums is “how to configure a custom message prior to running a software package”? In this post you can download a utility developed with help from Jakob G. Svendsen that can be used to customize a message that is shown prior to running the real software package. The utility – WarnBeforeInstall – is installed on each client. When you want to show a custom message you just call the program with a few parameters. The parameters control the title, the message and the countdown value. When the user clicks [...]

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Handling HAL switching during XP deployment (no BSOD /0x07 error)

  Because of the issue with different HAL’s (Hardware Abstraction Layer) used by XP, it is necessary to make some changes to both Sysprep, and the Kernel files during deployment.. I thought I'd supply my HAL changing script, as it does not require the reference computer to be to build  from a specific XXX, and you do not need to add any files to the image beforehand, as that will done by the script. You will have to either integrate MDT into SCCM, or run the script from a package containing this script and  ZTIUtility.vbs from the MDT package. Just [...]

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Configuration Manager – Find virtual machines

Keeping track of the the virtual machines can be a little pain. Here is a query and a report that hopefully will make it a bit easier to keep track of those virtual machines and their corresponding physical hosts. The Query select distinct SMS_R_System.Name, SMS_G_System_OPERATING_SYSTEM.Caption, SMS_G_System_VIRTUAL_MACHINE.PhysicalHostNameFullyQualified from  SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_OPERATING_SYSTEM on SMS_G_System_OPERATING_SYSTEM.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.ResourceId inner join SMS_G_System_VIRTUAL_MACHINE on SMS_G_System_VIRTUAL_MACHINE.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.ResourceId where SMS_G_System_VIRTUAL_MACHINE.PhysicalHostNameFullyQualified is not null  order by SMS_G_System_VIRTUAL_MACHINE.PhysicalHostNameFullyQualified The Report SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.v_R_System.Netbios_Name0 AS Name, dbo.v_GS_OPERATING_SYSTEM.Caption0 AS [Operating System],                       dbo.v_GS_VIRTUAL_MACHINE.PhysicalHostNameFullyQualifi0 AS [Physical host] FROM         dbo.v_R_System INNER JOIN                       dbo.v_GS_OPERATING_SYSTEM ON dbo.v_R_System.ResourceID = dbo.v_GS_OPERATING_SYSTEM.ResourceID INNER JOIN [...]

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Speed up performance on the Config Mgr. 2007 MMC console

The MMC 3.0 might not be the fastest console in the world so here are a few little tricks that might speed up the performance. Open Internet Explorer, select Internet Options and the Advanced tab. Remove the check mark from Check for publisher’s certificate revocation.   The revocation check only takes place a startup (when the DLL’s are loaded) so it wont effect the performance once the console i loaded. Another trick that might boost the performance when working with snap-ins in the MMC is to use the mmcperf.exe command found in .\Windows\System32\ Open a command prompt Navigate to Windows\System32 [...]

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Config Mgr. – Error creating query in a folder

Permissions required to create and modify a query in Configuration Manager is: Read Create Modify However if you have configured folders in the Query object you might end up with this error. The error message states that you don’t have permissions to create the query – but that’s not true. The query is created just not in the folder you expected. Instead the query is created in the root of the Query object. To fix this you need to assign Manage Folder permissions to the Query object. Then it works as expected.

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Configuration Manager 2007 – Defining the service/helpdesk role

Defining permissions requires configuring access rights in the Config Mgr. console and adding objects to predefined groups on the site server. In this example I am defining permissions to the service desk role. Role description: Access to a user defined administrator console. Permissions to work with all objects in the “All workstations” collection. Permissions to to use remote tools. Permissions to read inventory data from the console and from reports. Permissions to read software packages and advertisements Permissions to read status messages. Permissions to create and read queries. To solve this case I have granted these Config Mgr. permissions: Object [...]

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Deploying Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 with Config Mgr.

Just spend some time trying to install Silverlight with Config Mgr. I have read the guide from Microsoft Document but couldn’t get it to work. Instead I extracted the package and ran the Install.exe file with /q Extract the package: Open a command prompt Silverlight.2.0.exe /extract:C:\temp Create the Config mgr package: Copy the extracted the files to a network location Create the package like a “normal” config mgr. package Create a program with this command line install.exe /q

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