Creating Configuration Manager 2007 Reports – Part IV Using Prompt

In this example I explain how to use the prompt function. I anticipate that you already by now know how to create the report in Configuration Manager and how to start SQL Server Management Studio. This report will list some basic hardware details with a prompt on the Bios Serial number. I am creating the first part of the report in SQL server 2008 Studio Manager, and the prompt in the Config Mgr. console. When you are working with prompts in reports there is a few things you need to know first. To use variables use the @ symbol eg. [...]

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Server deployment with Configuration Manager

Before you start any server deployment projects save you self a lot of time by reading these documents: IBM server deployment - HP server deployment - Dell server deployment -

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Creating and Using Toolkit package..

A nice thing about Integrating MDT into Config. mgr is the functionalities the Toolkit package gives you. The obvious thing being the ability to use all the MDT script without having to create individual packages.. Another thing I really like, is the fact that it will set a variable that points to the package, allowing you to do simple routines like Copy files, run your custom scripts and programs, use ImageX and much more.   To utilize these features we must first create the Toolkit package with all the necessary files… One way to do this is to create an [...]

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SQL Server 2008 support for Configuration Manager 2007

Configuration Manager 2007 RTM SQL server 2008 is supported with Config Mgr. 2007. KB article KB955229 - explains the recommended installation procedure: Apply hotfix Hotfix KB950636 Instal SQL Server 2005 Install SQL server 2005 SP2 (only needed if you are installing the RTM version of Configuration Manager, if you are installing Config Mgr with SP1 then SQL server 2008 is supported) Install SQL server 2005 and Configuration Manager 2007. Upgrade site databases from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008. (only if you installed Config Mgr. 2007 RTM Apply hotfix (955229) (only if you upgraded from SQL 2005) [...]

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Copy Handler

Download: System Requirements: All Windows OS Licence: Free Developer: Info:   Short Description: A handy little tool for handling all your Copy/Move actions.. I use this tool because of the Pause/Resume functions, the ability to continue copy even if a file fails, and because it shows info on progress, speed, time left e.t.c.

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Download: System Requirements: All Windows OS Licence: Free Developer: (multiple developers) Info:   Short Description: Replacement for Notepad, that gives you collar coding, and lots of other useful stuff for editing a variety of script languages. Personally I use for editing XML, VBS and WSF files..

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This Week MDOP training

Websites: Application Virtualization - - App V. on Technet - Free apps and utlities - How to run scripts inside the OSD file - Latest KB articles on App V.  DaRT - Debugging tools - How to install WinRE on hidden partition AIS - Step-by-step guide to deploy AIS Blogs: - Independent blog - Microsoft Blog Tools: - SFT Explorer - Toolkit with App V server ping tool - App V. resourcekit tools

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Usefull Application Virtualization support tools

While waiting for Microsoft to release the SDK for Appication V. it's nice to have a basic knowledge of the existing tools. SFTMIME.EXE: Used to control and configure the client. I really urge you to take a look at the complete list of commands and parameters at SFTMIME can be used to configure the client, query for packages, settings, delete apps, load app and more. Example on how to configure a server connection: SFTMIME CONFIGURE SERVER:ctsccm /NAME "Coretech App V server"/HOST ctsccm /PORT 554 /TYPE RTSP /REFRESH ON Example, queries for all configured servers: SFTMIME QUERY OBJ:Server Example, removes [...]

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Application Virtualization for Newbies

This post contains basic information about Application V. Not very technical but enough for you to get started. App V. formerly known as Softgrid was bought by Microsoft in 2006 from Softricity. It's now part of the MDOP package, which is exclusive available for Microsoft customers with Software Assurance. The key benefits of the product are: Application deployment All applications run within their own Virtual Environment leaving no footprint on the client computer. Applications can be streamed on demand. The application will typically only need 20-40% of the content to work with the basic functionality (you know, the functionality we [...]

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WSUS server disappears when installed on the Configuration Manager site server

I have seen several times, that my WSUS server is suddently gone when the SUP role is installed locally on the Config Mgr site server. I am not yet 100% sure why this is happening but it's related to WSUS trying to repair itself. By investigating the Eventlog you are able to monitor the process as it happens. It seems to be related to backup, however the Config Mgr. backup doesn't touch the WSUS files. Configmgr backup is runing: Event Source: SMS Server Event Category: SMS_SITE_BACKUP Event ID: 5055 Date: 10/11/2008 Time: 00:02:57 Computer: Testsccm Then randomly after backup the [...]

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The Application Virtualization 4.5 client

Client prerequisites: Microsoft Application Error Reporting  - download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) - download: Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0 Service Pack 1 - download: Notice: There is no x64 support yet, rumor has it that it will be available in 2010 Client scenarios The Desktop client supports Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista. It's part of the MDOP installation kit The Terminal Services client support Windows 2003 terminal services and Windows 2008 terminal services. You can download the it here: Client installation files Setup.exe Setup.MSI You can customize the installation by using these [...]

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How to Configure Virtual Application Support on Configuration Manager

With the introduction of System Center Configuration Manager R2 comes the integration between Application Virtualization 4.5 and Configuration Manager 2007. This Guide will go through the installation and configuration. How does Configuration Manager 2007 intergrate with the App V. client Deliver applications: SFTMIME commands are used to manage Virtual Application publishing delivery to the App. V client cache. The OverrideURL registry value is configured to direct the client to the correct Distribution Point. Launch Applications Applications are launched using the SFTtray.exe command. WMI is used to report on the status of the installation process. Steps to configure Virtual Application Support [...]

Checking if User is member of group including nested/sub groups!

Download: I had a challenge today. Problem: My Customer needs to insert a specific text in the Computer description field on the local PC, if the user is member of a specific group. Challenges: The problem is that most of the user are not directly members of the group. but they are members of a nested group that if member of the group, or a nested group , that is member of a nested group , that is member of the group and so on. This gave me a problem, since the usual way of checking the user [...]

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