Working with different languages in Windows XP

  Deploying XP with different languages can sometimes be a real challenge. Not that it's that difficult to make the different settings in sysprep.inf or unattend.txt but you still need to make sure the correct files are present during installation, and depending on how you do this, a number of things can go wrong. First let me point out that, this guide assumes that we are working with BDD/MDT or SCCM and therefore do not have the ability to manipulate the behavior of winnt32.exe (the executable used to start the Windows XP installation) by adding different command switches. Normally we [...]

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SAS storage drivers in WinPE 1.5 (2005)

  So, I don't know if there are any one out there who still playing around with BDD/MDT and SMS? if not your are the lucky ones... Myself I still have customers who are running that setup... Basically it runs fine, but there is always the issue with updating WinPE with NIC and Storage drivers... Recently (well yesterday actually) I had to update WinPE to work on a "DELL Precision T5400" with a non built in SAS 6 Storage Controller. Normally its not that difficult to add storage controllers to WinPE 1.5, I just import them in trough SMS, and [...]

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SCCM versions

  As you properly know there are some significant differences in the way SCCM/OSD works before SP1 and after SP1. One being the OS target drive during the WinPE phase (D or E instead of C), and also weather or not you have to "press OK to accept that OS deployment is about to start, and your DeployCD should be removed" (I use CD in the form of .wim loaded into WDS for my "Mixed mode" customers). Also the difference between PE 2.0 from WAIK 1.0, that lack some NIC and Storage drivers that the 2.1/1.1 version have. Now where [...]

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Wrong PC name after deployment

  A while ago, I noticed that the PC name specified during the "Import Computer Name" part of SCCM didn't stick  trough out the entire deployment process.. The strange thing was that this wasn't the case for all my task sequences. What I then noticed was that the name (when it changed) always took the WINPE random name like  "MININT-XXXXXX", which led me to think that it properly had something to do with the MDT integrated TaskSequences, and what do you know, it did! It then got me thinking, that the MDT scripts properly updated sysprep.inf with the variable "OSDcomputername" [...]

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easy way to change PC name during Deployment

  I know there are many ways to handle PC naming during deployment, like prestaging, variables, userexit scripts, etc. But a very simple way is to just have the PC prompt you for a Name during The TaskSequece. I wrote a small script that in conjunction wit the fabulous ZTIUtillity.vbs script from MDT does just that. It is very small and simple script (as I pretty much suck at scripting) so it shouldn't be hard to get it to work. The script will prompt you for a PCname, and write it to sysprep.inf (if needed on VISTA it must be [...]

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