Report based on Agent Install Date

Need to see all your Agents and the Install date / time – run this query – or download the report and import it.

SELECT Path, InstallTime
FROM BaseManagedEntity INNER JOIN
MT_HealthService ON BaseManagedEntity.BaseManagedEntityID = MT_HealthService.BaseManagedEntityId
Where InstallTime > ‘2009-21-02’

And a Report file, if you want to deliver your Operations Manager Administrators the nice view:

Download “AgentInstallDate Report” – Downloaded 414 times – 2 KB

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Kåre Rude Andersen
Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1996, MCSE, TS and ITP in Microsoft Windows, SQL (also Microsoft), Exchange (MS) and Microsoft Operations Manager. Senior Consultant and have recently worked as a consultant at CSC, SAS, ISS, Nokia and Scandlines.

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  1. Stefan Stranger April 7, 2011 at 14:30 - Reply

    Why not use PowerShell?

    get-agent | select Networkname, InstallTime | ft -a


    get-agent | where {$_.InstallTime -ge ‘4-3-2010 19:44:05’} | select Networkname, InstallTime | ft -a


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