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Peter is a Senior Consultant and global lead for Enterprise Mobility within CTGlobal. Peter is also Enterprise Mobility (Configuration Manager/Microsoft Intune/Enterprise Mobility +Security) MVP with a primary focus on the Enterprise Client Management and Enterprise Mobility. Peter is a frequent speaker at international conferences and the author of 4 Enterprise Client and Enterprise Mobility Management books.

Peter blogs normally on and more information can be found here

Androids in the Enterprise, a blessing or nightmare? – part 1

Many people who know me know that I am not the fan boy of Android devices. It can be a nightmare when managing those devices, but is that still a valid statement or is it getting better? In this series of blogs, I want to try to get a clear view if Android devices in an Enterprise are a blessing or a nightmare. That there are Android devices connecting to most environments to get access to corporate data is a fact. When looking at Microsoft Intune we can block the ability that Android devices can be enrolled into Intune, but [...]

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Manage your Windows 10 devices via PowerShell and Microsoft Intune

A big wish of the community and companies using Microsoft Intune was the ability to manage Windows 10 devices that are managed with Microsoft Intune via PowerShell. Since the MDM channel is not supporting deployment and the execution of PowerShell scripts, Microsoft announced today at Ignite the Microsoft Intune Management Extension. Meet the Microsoft Intune Management Extension The Microsoft Intune Management Extension is an addition to the current Windows 10 MDM capabilities and allows us now to deploy and execute PowerShell scripts. The Microsoft Intune Management Extension is automatically deployed and installed on Azure AD joined devices. The Microsoft Intune [...]

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