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DeviceMap and Device Inventory Failures in Win7 to Win10 1709 In-Place Upgrades

**UPDATE**     **UPDATE** My good friend Mike Terrill  (@miketerrill) discovered that the devinv.dll version that was previously our Savior (10.0.17060.1029) has flipped sides with the newest June servicing of 1709 and has taken the form of the DEVInv.dlL!  Mike has reported seeing the same behavior as described about devinv.dll ( in my blog below, but this time with devinv.dll (10.0.17060.1029)!!!  OK OK OK . . . that is a lot of numbers so lets just add a simple way to look at it.  If you are upgrading to 1709 using a .wim with: Win10 1709 Pre-June Servicing   -  you need to have devinv.dll 10.0.17060.1029 [...]

Win7 to Win10 In-Place Upgrade Failures w/ DownLevel 0xC1900208 Error Codes

This will be short and sweet as I am not fond of typing nor do I wish to waste your time with wordy explanations. If you require more details, simply reply to this blog and I will do my best to assist. ENVIRONMENT/SCENARIO: The environment is ConfigMgr (CM) 1710 with a slew of Win7 Lenovo models in dire need of Win10 1709 in-place upgrades. Delivery of Win10 1709 is by way of a CM Task Sequence (TS) with no out of ythe ordinary configurations that would be noteworthy. CHALLENGE: I recently ran into a frustrating challenge where my Win7 to [...]