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DeviceMap and Device Inventory Failures in Win7 to Win10 1709 In-Place Upgrades

I recently ran into a challenge while working at a client's site where my Windows 7 to Windows 10 1709 In-Place Upgrade (IPU) would effectively stall out shortly after setup.exe was initiated by the Task Sequence (TS).  I banged my head on this for 24 hours before I finally found what appears to be the root cause of the challenge and ultimately, the resolution! Getting right to the point, in looking at my setupact.log while it was in $WINDOWS~BT\Sources\Panther I saw that it had halted amongst a sea of RED errors referencing DeviceInventory and the device map. Info CSI 00000002 [...]

Win7 to Win10 In-Place Upgrade Failures w/ DownLevel 0xC1900208 Error Codes

This will be short and sweet as I am not fond of typing nor do I wish to waste your time with wordy explanations. If you require more details, simply reply to this blog and I will do my best to assist. ENVIRONMENT/SCENARIO: The environment is ConfigMgr (CM) 1710 with a slew of Win7 Lenovo models in dire need of Win10 1709 in-place upgrades. Delivery of Win10 1709 is by way of a CM Task Sequence (TS) with no out of ythe ordinary configurations that would be noteworthy. CHALLENGE: I recently ran into a frustrating challenge where my Win7 to [...]